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Goudini Trailers is a manufacturer of top quality trailers in South Africa. We started on 1 March 2002 on a farm nearby Goudini in the district of Worcester and first traded as an Engineering company with our mainline of business the building of trailers.

Due to the beautiful surroundings and warm welcome we received from the local farmers we later decided to rename the company to Goudini Trailers. These farmers with their knowledge and specific requirements help us in a way to develop the first steps of the Goudini trailer that are well known through out South Africa and in some of our neighbouring countries. See a short description of each category of our trailers below.

Unbraked Trailers

Unbraked trailers are usually small and only used to transport light loads. Unbraked trailers are cheaper compared to the same size braked trailer and are also easier to maintain.

An unbraked trailer can be designed with a maximum GVM (gross vehicle mass) of 750kg. Therefore depending on the
Tara(empty weight of trailer) the payload (legal carrying
capacity) of the trailer can range anything from 600kg to
as little as 50kg.

Braked Trailers

Braked trailers are a bit more expensive compared to
unbraked trailers. When designed and maintained correctly,
a braked trailer are very safe to tow. Braked trailers are designed with maximum GVM (cross vehicle mass) of
3500kg, where after electric brakes must be fitted.

Payloads on a braked trailer can range from 3000kg to as
little as 200kg, depending on the design and materials used.
On double axle trailers the front as well as the back axle
must be fitted with brakes.

Custom Built Trailers

Custom trailers are specifically designed for the purpose of the client’s needs and it can therefore be with or without brakes. These trailers are the same as farm trailers and great care are given in order to design it cost effectively and
purpose fully.

Payloads vary and the size of the trailers differs from
client to client based on their needs, however Goudini
Trailers recipe for success is always be taken in consideration
when these “client designed” trailers are planned.

Farm Trailers

Farm trailers are designed according to the client’s needs
and great care are given to the design in order to do it cost effectively and purposefully for the application it is
needed for.